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Could you be Prince William?

Andrew Summersgill

by Andrew Summersgill
Thursday, 17th March 2011

Do you often come home to find mum surrounded by lackeys bowing and courtesying? Is that home a large building in Buckingham Palace Road? Are you irresistible to posh girls and do you have to employ burly coppers to fight them off for you?

Nope we didn't think so but that doesn't mean you can't pretend to be a little bit like Prince Bill if it gets you more attention from the laydees. Especially if those laydees are on the other side of the ocean and think the average Brit bloke spends all morning deciding whether to play polo or fly helicopters. is a dating site put together by an Anglo-US couple that got it together and noticed how many of their friends enjoyed flirting with each other. With the royal wedding coming up they're expecting lots of attention, or as the founders themselves put it; “People want the fairytale. In some stupid way, we're giving them an idea of that. America glamorizes everything. The ex-pats in this country celebrate St. Patrick's Day more than they do in Ireland. It's more of a big deal to do it here. And I think it's the same with the British and the royal wedding.”

That fairytale could be you, at least that's the idea. Here's a tip though, as Becca, co-founder of puts it the appeal of Brit blokes is “the politeness, the tease, the air about it. And also there's the accent, which I think is the biggest thing.”

Somehow I don't think she's talking about Scouse or Brummie accents. Still if you reckon you can do a half-decent Hugh Grant impression you could be quids in here. So if you fancy a bit of a Special Relationship then this could be your very own chance to cash in on the royal wedding. All you've got to do is polish those vowels, comb that floppy hair, and pop down the shops for a Corgie or two. Then sit back and wait for a downpour of dames.

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