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Beer drinkers most likely to bonk on first date

Andrew Summersgill

by Andrew Summersgill
Monday, 21st March 2011

Thank you once again the dating data detectives from OKCupid for this one because it is a beaut. Whilst looking into "The best questions for a first date" the stattos at OKCupid came up with some fascinating insights into the kind of things we ask people to try and find out if we're going to connect (and/or get lucky).

Starting with what must surely be the dumbest of the dumberest I'd love to know what was going through the mind (and spellchecker) of the chancers whose ideas for opening gambits were;

“If you were to be eaten by cannibal, how would you like to be prepared?”


“Do you have a decent job?”

It's also amazing how many romantic wannabes kick off their discussion with questions about a nuclear apocalypse. Presumably that's a throwback to that idea we all had at school that if the Russians ever did drop the bomb the first thing we'd all do would be to grab the nearest member of the opposite sex with a view to shagging ourselves into oblivion.

Remember that? It seemed to make perfect sense when we were about fourteen.

But by far the most interesting finding from the OkCupid stunt team was that one question stood out amongst all the others as having a direct correlation with first date sex. And that winning question was (drum roll)...

“Do you like the taste of beer?”

Yup, no kidding that's the winning line because the stats show that the number of people who do indeed like beer (that's both men and women) and the number of people who would consider sex on the first date prove to have a huge crossover. Meaning that beer guzzlers are more likely to be bonk monsters.

Who'd have thought?

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