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Share me: Finding love and doing it for the nation

John Davis

by John Davis
Writer, Comedian and Star of Come Date With Me
Tuesday, 22nd November 2011

I must have tried almost all forms of modern dating. Speeddating, internet dating, singles nights, dinner dates, stalking, you name it, I’ve done it. But I think I may just have sunk to new lows. I’ve just gone public through national media.

Now, I know I put myself out there a bit with this little column hoping that at the very least my failures can lead to your successes. But you’re a very select, and dare I say discerning audience. So last week I got depressed and contacted one of the country’s better known broadsheets.

This broadsheet runs a weekly full-page feature on two folks who have been sent on a blind date in return for an honest Q&A on how it went. A form of democratic ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ for the Great British Public. In this age of reality TV shows, online dating, blogging, twitface, faceplant, sexting, belndr and all manner of mechanisms by which the minutae of our daily lives can be broadcast globally in an instant, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the faux pas surrounding facilitated dating should have disappeared along with the desire to keep it as a dirty little secret.

However, most of us lead such stunningly homogenous lives that beyond our circle of friends updating each other on the fanciability of some Ritalin ridden teen on x-factor or cross-posting the latest ‘lolcats’ incarnation, the rest of the world quite frankly couldn’t give a shit. Further, most of us do not possess the necessary social media savvy to force it upon them. That’s the job of advertisers and the media.

You see the reason we retweet the utter inanity we do is because the media/advertising sector possess the necessary nous to convince us that it’s exactly the sort of thing we want to share. Hence my venture into the national media in my unending quest for a mate. I want to be shared. I want to be twitfaced. I want to be faceplanted.

I sent off my little profile describing myself, not entirely inaccurately as a ‘writer/comedian’. It is of course up to others to decide how successfully I fulfill the requirements of such descriptors. “Do not worry” came the reply as if deliberately attempting to antagonize me into worrying. “We will find someone suitable for you.”

She’s an accountant.

From Bavaria.

Tune in next time to find out how it went.


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John Davis

Like a modern day Moses, John Davis (formerly Jay Sivad) was rescued from under a bushel by the Dating Trail team. Cleansed of his past as a serious journalist, John emerged, the proverbial butterfly, as the country's leading dating writer. He's got practical skills too and can attest to being nation's most experienced dating host having run over 250 speed dating events for Original Dating. A stand up comedian, radio host, philosopher (it's true! He has the paperwork) and budding media personality (Channel Four's Come Date With Me), Jay turns a wry eye on the travails of modern dating and its participants.

John writes regularly for Dating Trail. If you'd like to be be first to find out about his next installment then please follow us on Twitter or 'Like' our Facebook page for updates.

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