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It?s official! Men use Instagram to make themselves better looking

Andrew Summersgill

by Andrew Summersgill
Friday, 13th April 2012

Dating Trail commissioned an exclusive poll by TolunaQuick looking at the reasons people use the wildly popular Instagram photo app.

Instagram has 35 million users and was purchased this week by Facebook for $1bn; not bad for an app that’s barely 18 months old.

The acquisition caused an angry backlash among existing Instagram users, who have threatened to quit the service rather than become Mark Zuckerberg’s playthings.

If you haven’t used Instagram, it’s an app that applies a retro look to your smartphone photos before sharing them with friends.

Our poll revealed some interesting reasons why people love it:

Instagram survey

The vast majority of Instagram users admitted they’ve used the photo app to make themselves or their friends look more appealing.

It turns out that men are distinctly more vain than women in this respect: A whopping 89% of male users admitted to using Instagram to increase their attractiveness, versus 80% of women.

It gets worse. The majority of Instagram fans (55%) simply couldn’t resist the temptation to go one step further and generate retro-themed images of their privates.

Instagram survey

Men and women showed slightly different behaviour: Exactly half our female respondents have Instagram’d something intimate.

Meanwhile the same figure for men rises to 62%. Instagram's ability to help visualise what your manhood would have looked like in 1973 is just too good to resist.

Instagram continues to grow

Despite lots of anger about the Facebook purchase, Instagram doesn’t look like diminishing in popularity anytime soon.

Over 2/3rds of those surveyed said the acquisition would make no difference to them. 18% said they’d use Instagram less and 13% said they’d be more likely to use Instagram.

In the last 10 days, Instagram clocked up a further 10 million downloads. Based on our findings that’s nearly 6 million people who’ve spent the week taking seventies themed photos of their pubes.

Food for thought.

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