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Hercules and the paramour

Billie A Hussey

by Billie A Hussey
Single girl in London
Tuesday, 28th December 2010

Is three a crowd? I was upright, well being held upright, by a danish beau, providing a physical pillar, so to speak, when my roommate entered to turn off a stray light in my room late one night.

Now, my relationship with my housemate is automatic. By that I mean, I can enter a conversation with him at any point and during any domestic activity. Cooking, a most benign event when flat sharing, generated hours of verbal interaction. But, more intimately, bathing with a door ajar, we have had some most meaningful conversations.

I assured him, 'don't worry he's gay.'

It was this gentle relating between us that put a bit of a pigeon amongst the cats as it were. Joseph, my physical support in this instance, was quite taken aback by the presence of another man in the room. Let alone the fact that I carried on the conversation a little too long for comfort. His comfort. He didn't loose his stature initially, and I, being dexterous, was able to vary my attention between Joseph and Josh, now sitting beside us. Sensing Joseph's alarm, however, I assured him, 'don't worry he's gay.'

Josh smiled. Joseph jumped, 'and that's meant to make me feel better?!'

See I didn't feel I was being dismissive. Not even when I sensed a less than latent homophobia. Nor was I suggesting an invitation to a particular group dynamic (of which I am quite partial). But Joseph in his indignation pointed out the finer points of three-way relationships.

See it's not ok to bring another man home when you are in a lasting loving relationship with a man who brings you tea in bed in the morning and turns your light off at night. Regardless. Sexuality aside, it was my ease in my relationship with my room mate that made me realise that three is a crowd when the short term gain of a Herculian pillar comes hard up against the long term loving of a domestic paramour.

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Billie A Hussey

Who is Billie A Hussey? It is, of course, my nom de plume. It serves to protect not only myself but those to whom I refer ardently in my writing.

I am the woman you notice on the tube. On the bus. In the bar. The one you pass daily on the street on your way to work. We've never spoken and probably never will. But there is something you should know about me.

With apologies to Aristotle, an unexamined sexual life is one not worth living. This, my enlightened friends, is the raison d'etre for my blog.

Frank, controversial, often humorous - wittingly or not - and always worth living, I offer you a glimpse into my erotic encounters. And if its worth living, it sure as hell is worth writing about. So here we are: a blog worth writing by a woman of consequence.

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