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John Davis

Writer, Comedian and Star of Come Date With Me

John Davis

Like a modern day Moses, John Davis (formerly Jay Sivad) was rescued from under a bushel by the Dating Trail team. Cleansed of his past as a serious journalist, John emerged, the proverbial butterfly, as the country's leading dating writer. He's got practical skills too and can attest to being nation's most experienced dating host having run over 250 speed dating events for Original Dating. A stand up comedian, radio host, philosopher (it's true! He has the paperwork) and budding media personality (Channel Four's Come Date With Me), Jay turns a wry eye on the travails of modern dating and its participants.

John writes regularly for Dating Trail. If you'd like to be be first to find out about his next installment then please follow us on Twitter or 'Like' our Facebook page for updates.

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London's Rooftop Bars - A Taster
Given the generally sporadic appearance of sunshine in London, we thought it best to give you a heads up on some of the best rooftop bars to take a date should the rain eventually cease.
Summer in the City - It's Party Time
The Met Office have it wrong and we're the only ones who now how to usher in summer, says Original Dating's John Davis.
When I Grow Up, I Want to be… Dateable!
John runs a moderately scientific study on what jobs are most attractive to men and women and why.
How Important are Shared Political Ideals When Dating?
Given that the recent election campaign has been oft described as the most boring for decades it’s perhaps timely to ask, how important are shared political ideals when looking for love?
Snake oil questionnaires and the myth of online matching
‘I really wish I’d studied harder at maths so I knew who I was attracted to’, said no one ever.
Porn, Diet Pills and Speed Dating – Why Some Products Don’t Need To Be Upsold
From public proclamations of porn acceptability to controversial attempts to undermine self-worth to sell dieting solutions, the advertising world is replete with attempts to claim something is other than it is.
Humanising Dating Apps
Someone recently expressed surprise that speed dating was still popular. ‘Do people still do that?!’ was the question. In truth it’s more popular now that it’s ever been.
The World's First App Powered Dating Events Launch in London
Original Dating, a London based dating event organiser established in 2003, has launched a series of dating events powered by their new mobile app, Mixeo. A first of its kind in the dating events industry.
Resistance is Futile: How to Survive a Wedding Invite
There will come a time, in the first flourishes of a relationship, when that most historically awkward of questions arises.
How to survive a breakup
Recently dumped? It?s hard of course. I?ve been dumped many, many, many times. Most of the failures I have experienced have.....[READ ON]
Dodgy dating: John explores some of the more niche ways to find a mate
Dating isn?t of course new. Ever since Ug the Dinosaur Slayer discovered the joys of courting Uga, courtship and the means to enter into its fraught ways have been a dominant factor in the life of our species.
The top ten worst love song lyrics of all time
If music be the food of love, play on. Except Shakespeare didn?t have to contend with lyrics that could churn butter at 100 paces. So for your milk based delectation, here are my choice of the Worst Ten Love Song Lyrics of All Time
John's top 5 essential dating tips for guys
So last time we had a five point guide for women on that all important first date. Gents, now it?s your turn.
Philosophical moments in Love, Dating and Marriage
I spent many years studying philosophy. Most people think this means searching for an answer. It doesn?t. It means I spent years trying to ask questions of life while drunkenly watching it pass by my window...
Girls Guide - Top five first date turn offs for guys
Ladies beware, here are 5 sure fire ways to make this potential paramour develop the running ability of Usain Bolt.
How to spot a shared database dating site
Did you know the majority of UK dating sites share a single database run by one company?
Gastromance - A boys own adventure
John investigates why top notch cooking skills are a prerequisite for guys searching for a partner.
Dating Trail reveals Sunday roast singles secret society
John discovers a hidden world of single Sunday Roast Eaters and decides to find out more.
The emperors new clothes of online dating
I know I wrote a three part guide to online dating. It?s an important part of the singles world these days. The problem is, I just don?t like it
Speed Dating Tips: John's insider tips for sucess
John puts his serious head to share some top speed dating tips to keep you on track and make the most of your experience.
John's Valentine's Day Massacre
Now I, like perhaps most of you, find Valentine?s day just a little crass. Not crass as in slightly cheesy seventies sideburns and moustache, budgie smugglers, medallion and hairy chested ?I have come to clean your pool? sort of way.
2012 and Still Single ? That?s Hilarious!
Ah the fresh breeze of a new year plays gently across my hungover face. The dating travails of last year seem but a distant memory and after my short-lived televisual fame, I feel I?ve settled into the calm twilight of post singledom years.
And the winner is? [Come Dine With Me]
John's final roundup of Channel 4's soon to be hit series Come Date With Me. And the Winner is...
How an online virus can damage your analogue self. Beware the BS disease.
Now, I?ve had a few dates from trawling sites on the internet, some of which, I admit, have been ?lovely? or ?nice?. I?ve made some great friends and of course, a few enemies. Law of averages dictates that this is to be expected. However, while ladies out
Soooo Matt! What a night!
John Davis's summary of Come Date With Me - Episode 4 as broadcast on Thursday December 8, 2011
Come Date With Me: John's roundup of episode three
Vitriol seemed to be spread wide across cyberspace and the armchair critics had plenty of bile to spew forth, particularly those armed with Guardian comment accounts. I felt almost betrayed by my fellow middling lefties.
Come Date With Me, Episode Two: Our John?s Date with Tracey
John Davis, Dating Trail writer and star of Channel 4's Come Date With Me continues with the second installment of his blog following the series being shown all this week.
Our John joins the cast of C4's new series, Come Date With Me
After the first episode of Channel 4?s new reality TV show, Come Date With Me, went to air last night, our dating guru John Davis gives the inside line on what it?s like to be a contestant on the show, keeping up to date as each episode goes to air.
Jay Sivad has a confession for you
Jay Sivad comes clean to the nation about his real identity.
Share me: Finding love and doing it for the nation
I want to be shared. I want to be Twitfaced. I want to be Faceplanted: Finding love and doing it for the nation
Jay explains why he hates Christmas
Every year we all complain about how early the shops begin preparing for Christmas. I am, however, over it and have decided if you can?t beat them, join them.
The 8 most popular relationship types (Part two)
The 8 most popular relationship types Part 2. Now that we?ve found love (What are gonna dooooo, with iiiiiitt?)
The 8 most popular relationship types (Part one)
Jay's two part guide to the eight most popular relationship types (Part one)
When it comes to dating events, Jay asks if less is actually more
Jay discusses his experience of hosting the London's first Midweek Social. Is this format the best kept secret in dating?
Top 5 places to 'pick up'
Looking for love in all the wrong places? Our resident Love Maestro Jay Sivad examines the best places to pick up a date... or two.
The worst lines heard on first dates
So I've given you the top ten secret dos and don'ts of speed dating. I?ve given you a three-part mirror, signal, maneuver to the basics of online dating. Now to expose some of the worst opening lines in the dating world...
Jay's secrets of online dating success: Part 3 (Manoeuvre)
This is the final part of Jay's wisdom on how to avoid the pitfalls of the online dating world. This is funny and also very instructive.
Jay's secrets of online dating success: Part 2 (Signal)
This is the second instalment in Jay's essential series of articles about how to find success in online dating - Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre. This week: Signal
Jay's secrets of online dating success: Part 1
In the first of a three part series, Dating Trail's dating insider, brings you the definitive guide to online dating success.
10 Secret Do's and Don'ts of Speed Dating
Real life speed dating event host Jay Sivad shares his top ten speed dating tips gathered from hosting over 200 speed dating events in London.

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